The "Ba’ of Scone" likely refers to the "Ba" or "Bha" stone, a stone of ceremonial or historical significance linked with the ancient site of Scone in Scotland. Scone, historically known as a significant royal centre, is famed as the place where Scottish kings were traditionally crowned upon the Stone of Destiny, also known as the Stone of Scone.

The Stone of Destiny, a symbolic stone with deep mythological and historical roots, played a central role in Scottish coronation rituals. According to tradition, it was used as a seat for the inauguration of early Scottish kings. The Stone of Scone was later taken by Edward I of England to Westminster Abbey in 1296 and was used in coronations of English and British monarchs.

The "Ba’ of Scone" might refer to another stone or artifact related to the rituals and ceremonies conducted at Scone. Given the historical importance of Scone as a royal site, there may have been various objects or relics associated with its coronation ceremonies and the broader cultural and religious practices of medieval Scotland.

Unfortunately, without more specific context, it is challenging to provide a precise interpretation of the "Ba’ of Scone." It could be an artifact, a ceremonial object, or a reference to some historical aspect of the site that would require further investigation to determine its’ significance.