It is our aim to help preserve the environment for future generations who visit us. We have outlined our primary aims in our Green Tourism Policy, linked below.

We hold a Gold Award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme.

As our community, we also need your help in maintaining the beautiful surroundings of Scone. We ask visitors to get involved by following simple steps that can help us make a difference, especially taking litter home with you, if possible. Limited recycling facilities are available on site.

Green Tourism Gold

The primary aims of Scone Palace's Green Tourism Policy are:

  • Waste Management - we are committed to reducing, re-using, and recycling as much of our waste materials as possible. We currently recycle paper, glass, cardboard, aluminium cans, juice cartons, milk cartons, milk tops, plastic, stamps, batteries, polythene, printer and toner cartridges, and organic matter. We actively promote ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ and are currently working towards a zero-waste office.
  • Energy Management - we aim to install energy efficient lighting and appliances where possible and, in doing so, strive to become a carbon neutral visitor attraction. We undertake weekly monitoring of our energy consumption. This will be done through a full loft insulation of the Palace alongside the ongoing process of replacing halogen light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs.
  • Supplier Management - we strive to purchase local produce where viable in order to reduce the impact of transportation on the environment, and to support the local economy. We also produce vegetables from our own Kitchen Garden.
Scone Peacock in Autumn
  • Social & Communication - Through interacting and communicating with our customers, the local community, and wider society, we aim to support sustainable tourism. We work with the local community on social projects through providing donations for a wide range of local groups and are delighted to host a number of charitable events. We also encourage visitors to be responsible by promoting the Responsible Visitors Charter and Green Tourism through displaying the Green Tourism logo.
  • Natural Heritage – we continue to enhance the grounds of Scone Palace and to protect the flora and fauna present by supporting the Perthshire Big Tree Country, iCONic Project and Red Squirrel Project. We encourage interest in local wildlife and horticulture through our grounds tours and Snowdrop Festival, as well as being members of the above projects.
  • Travel – At Scone Palace we encourage all our visitors and staff to use public transport. Bus timetables can be found in our notice boards, and staff rooms.
Avenue Looking toward the Ancient Archway

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