The beautiful Scone Estates stretch from fertile arable land by the banks of the River Tay at Scone, famed for its Salmon fishing, to the hills of North Logiealmond. The grounds of Scone Palace are the best-known breeding locality in Scotland for Hawfinch. There are fine woodlands on the grounds of Scone Palace, including majestic 250 year old fir trees.

Extending to over 18,000 acres with a mix of in-hand farming operations and tenant farming arrangements, Scone Estates is owned and operated by the Earl of Mansfield and family. The Mansfield family are committed to protecting and enhancing the natural, cultural, and economic environment of the Estate. Continued investment in the fabric of the business and an increasing focus on some of the wider national and global influences such as the global Carbon crisis, Scotland becoming a Net Zero Society by 2045, Community engagement, and Agro-Forestry, to name a few, are all shaping the future Estate strategy.


The 5,000 acres of gently rolling landscape around Scone Palace provide fertile grounds for the growing of arable crops, such as spring barley for making Scotch whisky, winter wheat for livestock feed, oilseed rape, along with various other crops grown for human consumption, including vining peas, potatoes, and swede turnips. The lands west of the River Tay provide forage used for livestock production.

Farming operations include a mix of in-hand farming and tenant farming arrangements.

Scone Estates Carrot Farming

Film Locations

Scone Palace provides extensive opportunities for filming, both within the Gothic splendour of the Palace itself and across the Estate's grounds, gardens, and countryside.

We have hosted a number of productions for national radio and TV, including the BBC Antiques Road Show, The Great British Bake Off, Escape To The Country, Susan Calman's Secret Scotland, Beechgrove Garden, Outlander, Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys and Sally Lindsay's Posh Sleepovers, well as providing material for documentaries of historical and geographical significance.

Please contact our team for more information about the options for filming locations.

The State Drawing Room 2

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