On most rivers in Scotland, if two different owners own the opposite banks of the River, the anglers on each beat will therefore fish opposite each other, but a different custom has since arisen on the lower and middle Tay.

Since a boat needs the whole of the width of the river to operate properly, owners have made agreements with each other to share the water in such a way as allows anglers access to both banks. This explains why the beats are split in two.

Both fly fishing and spinning are available. The fishings are let with the service of an experienced ghillie, and each beat is equipped with a comfortable fishing hut and a boat with outboard motor.

Scone Palace is also happy to provide for your catering requirements from the Palace Kitchens, having sourced produce from their own Kitchen Garden.

Stormont Angling Club

Stormont Angling Club is a private club established in 1981 by The Rt Hon Earl of Mansfield with fishing on Scone Palace Estates beats of the River Tay and River Almond. Club waters on the River Tay, include the renowned Rome Croy, Muirtons and Willowgate, as well as the Lower and Upper beats on the River Almond.

The Rome Croy has excellent facilities, including 2 bothies, 1 located opposite the Grain, and another downstream at the Bunkers. Head of tide reaches just above the top of our Tay beat and can offer fresh runs of fish throughout the season.

The club welcomes beginners as well as seasoned anglers. Membership is available to anglers residing anywhere, but preference is given to those residing in the area. Members enjoy access to Trout and Grayling fishing on much of the lands owned by the Estate and in addition Salmon fishing season permits are available on three beats of the River Tay and two beats of the River Almond by additional subscription. The fishing offered is excellent quality and good catches are made.

For more information please contact: sac@scone-palace.co.uk

Fishponds Beat Summary

  • Five year average: 162 Salmon/Grilse
  • 2 beats, each 1.2 miles double bank, fished on alternate days, 20 pools
  • 1 ghillie + 1 boat and a new purpose built fishing bothy with Wi-Fi, wood burning stove, kitchen and showering facilities
  • An additional boat with ghillie is available on request at additional cost

Fishponds Beat

The Fishponds Beat forms the upper part of the stretch of the river formerly known as the "Lower Scone Salmon Fishings" .

The fishings start just upstream from Fishponds Cottage and extend for about 2,100 yards downstream to a point just below Stormontfield which is just below the mouth of the Luncarty Mill Lade. There is excellent access to the river bank at various points.

The Fishponds Beat is fished in two parts, known as "Fishponds" and "Knowesbank". Clients will fish Fishponds and Knowesbank on alternate days.

The new Fishponds fishing bothy is situated mid point between Knowesbank and Fishponds and provides all the facilities expected by anglers and their guests, including free Wi-Fi and a wood burning stove, offering comfort with idyllic views.

The Fishponds beat includes the 20 pools below, offering a wide variety of fishing.

Fishing Beat Pools
Fishing on the River Tay

Fishponds Pools

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • Black Rock
  • Black Craigs
  • Lodge End
  • Benchil Green
  • Fishponds Green
  • Well Hole
  • Lindy
  • Alec's Hole

Fishponds being the upper beat, provides the angler with excellent fly water on both banks, dropping into slightly deeper water towards Knowesbank.

This is where the Floating Devon or Upstream Toby can work with great success. The boat can also be very useful in this deeper water to cover specific areas.

Fish Caught and Released on the River Tay

Knowesbank Pools

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

  • Fireshot
  • March Hole
  • Hedge End
  • Red Brae
  • Knowes Bank
  • Cochrane's Hole
  • Shochie Mouth
  • Schochie Green
  • Luncarty Pool
  • The Eddy
  • Boat Pool
  • Scheme Pool
Fishing at Scone Beat

Waulkmill Beat Summary

  • Five year average: 271 Salmon/Grilse and 18 Sea Trout
  • 1.6 miles double bank (shared arrangement fished on alternate days) 22 pools
  • 1 ghillie
  • 2 boats and 2 huts (1 on each half beat)
  • Maximum rods 4 - 5 Price range
  • £20 to £250

Waulkmill Beat

The Waulkmill Beat forms the lower part of that stretch of river formerly known as the Lower Scone Salmon Fishings. The fishings start at the bottom of the Fishponds Beat and extend along the east bank for about 3,000 yards downstream to a point just below Goldcastle.

Access to the river bank is excellent. The top fishing hut at Waulkmill is situated just upstream from the old ferry and access for vehicles is by way of a public road that runs from Stormontfield Road down to Perth Racecourse and on down to the river bank.

Access is also available to the west (right) bank of the river by way of the public road that runs from Scarth Road, Luncarty, down to Hatton, just opposite Ferry Cottage.

The two fishing huts are well maintained and comfortable and each is equipped with Calor Gas heaters, tables and chairs as well as a separate toilet. Adjacent to the huts are designated car parking areas. The beat is fished in two separate halves, Waulkmill and Goldcastle and with the benefit of the reciprocal arrangement with the proprietor of the opposite bank, clients will fish Waulkmill and Goldcastle on alternate days. The beat includes the following 22 pools which offer a wide variety of fishing.

Fishing at Scone Beats 3

Waulkmill (Upper Beat)

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

  • Cadgers Hole
  • Berhaugh
  • The Bushes
  • Waulkmill Stream
  • Burn Mouth
  • The Hatton
  • Gelley Burn
  • Bleachings
  • Drumshogle
  • Black Trees
  • Girnal
Fishing at Scone Beats 2

Goldcastle (Lower Beat)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • Greenbush
  • Denmark Green
  • Arns
  • Hummel Head
  • Hummel Hole
  • Highlandman
  • Honey Hole
  • The Neck
  • Goldcastle Stream
  • Broxie
  • Hawkey Stone
Fish Caught and Released at Scone Beat