Scone Estates has submitted the planning application for a new stable block development at Scone Palace, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of Perthshire as a premier destination in Scotland.

The proposed project encompasses the conversion of the historic stable block into a multifunctional space, accommodating purpose-built restaurant and retail outlets, archival spaces and offices. This will also create the opportunity for further interpretive experiences within Scone Palace and gardens, the Crowning Place of Scottish Kings, enriching the visitor experience and bringing history to life.

This project holds significant importance for the local community, offering opportunities for job creation, economic growth, and enhanced recreational spaces. By attracting more visitors to Perthshire, the project will generate increased footfall for local businesses, encouraging dwell time and support the vitality of the community. Additionally, the improved facilities and inclusive amenities will provide residents with increased leisure opportunities, fostering a sense of pride for their cultural heritage. The creation of this new development will also improve community engagement, providing free access to a purpose-built area for residents to meet, eat, and shop, further enriching the local experience.

Scone Estates welcomes members of the public to view the planning application online here, offering an opportunity to contribute to this transformative endeavour and uphold Scone Palace's legacy as a first-class visitor experience.

All New Visitor Facilities

The currently redundant stable block will feature as the new entry point to Scone Palace and Gardens with plans to undergo a sophisticated transformation encompassing 1294 sqm, creating a year round visitor offering. The new designs ensure inclusivity and accessibility throughout including upgraded ticket offices, restaurant and shopping outlets as well as office space and a new home for the palace archives. In addition, there will be a Pictish-themed adventure playground within the gardens, built to inspire future generations to learn about and engage with Scone and Scotland’s history.

Stableblock 2

Improved Access

Central to the refined proposal is the integration of a new entranceway to the palace grounds, synchronised with the establishment of the Cross Tay Link Road (CTLR), leading to new parking facilities on the North side of the site. This will have a positive impact on traffic flow to the site in addition to future events held across the Estate as an extension of the Active Travel plan. The movement of the current car park will also create an uninterrupted experience of the historical grounds surrounding the palace.


Sustainable Infrastructure

Embracing eco-conscious practices, the project incorporates a solar meadow, cycle storage, EV charging points, air-source heat pumps, and an advanced wastewater system utilising a nature based system of reed and willow beds to improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment; underscoring Scone Palace's commitment to sustainability.

Solar PV

Enhanced Interpretation

The evolution of this new visitor experience will create opportunity for more interpretation and higher quality engagement in Scone’s long history. With the movement of both catering and retail areas from within the palace, this will create space to focus on Scone’s central role in the creation of the Scottish kingdom. This will include the Palace's history of medieval kingmaking and the role of the Moot Hill, investing in the preservation of the historic fabric of Scotland. The project will also compliment Perth Museum’s offering and the return of the Stone of Destiny to the region.


Collaborative Partnerships

Scone Estates has collaborated with partners including Historic Environment Scotland, Perth and Kinross Council conservation team and Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust ensuring meticulous attention to architectural integrity, heritage preservation and archaeological environmental impact. Scone Estates has worked closely with Harry Taylor & Co., who specialise in heritage and listed buildings to create this exciting new facility while maintaining the historic features of the building.

Stableblock 3